5 ways the new Yankee Candle diffuser can improve your home

Yankee Candle® is famous for its deliciously scented candles, and now you can now get those signature aromas in diffuser form. Designed to deliver ‘ambiance at the touch of a button,’ the new Yankee Candle® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a game-changer for filling our homes with fragrance.

Here’s why we love the modern way to scent homes so much…

1. Welcoming hotel-luxe appeal with a signature scent

Electronic diffuser

Image credit: Yankee Candle®

Luxury hotels all have a signature scent, to appeal to our senses. The power of scent can instantly evoke an emotion, and is key to creating a happy home. Give your home the hotel-luxe appeal by adopting your own signature scent without any effort on your part. Choosing from all the best-selling candle scents to use in diffuser mode, you can tailor the scent to suit your tastes.

Just five to seven drops from the new Yankee Candle Aroma Blend Oils, available in some of the best selling fragrances – including fresh Clean Cotton ®, floral Midnight Jasmine, exotic Pink Sands™, delicious Black Cherry and inviting Lemon Lavender – provides up to eight hours of scented mist.

2. Customisable LED lighting

electronic diffuser with pink led light

Image credit: Yankee Candle®

It’s not just about the sweet scent that fills your home with this clever gadget, it’s also about the light settings to aid with creating ambience. Don’t feel like you’re missing out on candle light because this new Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser features 10 colour LED lights to set the scene and create a mood to suit the occasion.

The colours can be set to cycle to offer a changing look, or a preferred colour can be selected to create the perfect atmosphere.

3. Choice of frequency

The smart device also allows you to control the level of scent, meaning you have more control over how fragrant you want your home to be. Alternate between 4 hours of continuous mist if you are expecting guests and wish to up the ante, to 8 hours of intermittent misting if you just want to maintain a beautiful scented home at all times.

4. Peace of mind

You can go about your day-to-day routine and not give this gadget another thought, while it works away in the background. A smart auto switch off function means there’s no worrying thoughts of ‘have I left the diffuser plugged in?’ when you dash out the house or tuck yourself in at night. The automatic shut off timer ensures the device is switched off, allowing for worry-free relaxation.

5. Adding a stylish touch to decor

blue kitchen with electronic diffuser

Image credit: Yankee Candle®

The sleek design ensures the new gadget sits right at home with any modern decor. Best of all, the quiet operation means there’s no buzzing or alarming spraying sound effects to startle unsuspecting guests as they all past (because that is definitely a thing in some cases!). Pop this sleek diffuser on the side or on a curated shelf and it’ll feel like a decorative objet.

New Yankee Candle® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser RRP: £29.99; Aroma Blend Oils are available to buy separately at RRP: £5.99 each, all available to buy at yankeecandle.co.uk.

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