Announcing the Extraordinary Winners of the “Artful Still Life” Photo Challenge

We are thrilled to announce GuruShots’ newest creative contest: the “Artful Still Life” photo challenge. This endeavor is a tribute to the enduring beauty of still life photography. Photographers are encouraged to delve into the tranquil allure and story-telling possibilities of still life compositions in this venture. Light and shadow will work together to tell mesmerizing stories visually, and you are about to enter a world where everything has meaning.

Each of the winning submissions exemplifies the spirit of “Artful Still Life” by its stunning composition, expert lighting, and overall excellence. Their extraordinary skill in capturing the spirit of still life through their lenses is further demonstrated by the tremendous amount of talent and inventiveness displayed in this challenge. 

We are pleased to present the Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru’s Top Pick, along with seven outstanding runners-up. Be sure to check out the gallery that showcases the other contestants in the ‘Artful Still Life’ challenge. Also, if you want to see what’s new in artistic creativity, download GuruShots’ latest software, AI Art Master.

Winning Images

Sanja B, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Top Photographer


Frank Werle, Germany – Top Photo


Vanessa Giugliani, Brazil – Guru’s Top Pick

Runners Up

Sharon Scharich, United States


Patrice Thomas, France


Paula Gil, Portugal


Lynn Shelton, United States


Mario Congreve, United States


Debbie Squier-Bernst, Canada


Matt Crawford, United States