Best chair beds: the best single sofa beds and futons

Looking for the best chair beds? If space is tight, then a single sofa bed or futon for one makes a great solution for putting up the occasional overnight guest, and the best designs will also double up as a stylish accent chair the rest of the time.

Just like the best sofa beds, chair beds come in two main designs; pull-out models where a mattress is pulled out from under the chair’s seat cushions to form the sleeping surface, and click-clack models where the backrest and chair seat fold down into a flat surface that becomes the sleeping area. A futon by contrast tends to be formed of simple cushions that fold flat to offer a padded surface to sleep on, although often terminology is used interchangeably.

Pull-out chair beds tend to be the more expensive option, although often come with greater choice of upholstery and matching furniture, and tend to offer guests a higher sleeping surface, whilst click-clack and futon models tend to be lower to the ground, but offer affordability and – more often – shorter lead times if time is of the essence.

Most chair beds will only offer a single mattress’ worth of sleeping space, but their small footprint makes them a great addition to a small living room, a home office, playroom, children’s room, or teenager’s bedroom as an easy sleepover solution. If you have a little more space to play with then a loveseat chair bed can squeeze in a little extra sleeping space to make room for two.

We’ve rounded up the best chair beds, single sofa beds, and futons on the Ideal Home team’s radar below, with options for all budgets, room sizes, and decor styles.

Best chair beds and single sofa beds

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