Best home fragrance – 15 lux buys for autumn and winter 2021

Searching for the best home fragrance? It can be confusing to know what to buy to ensure your home smells nice, but don’t fret as we’re here to help! We’ve been testing a range of home fragrance buys recently, especially ones for autumn and winter. We’re talking warm, comforting fragrances that’ll emanate a gorgeous welcoming smell into your house. Because it’s important that your home smells the part as well as looks the part – especially at this time of year.

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How to know which home fragrance is best for you? Choose a candle if you want to add light whilst making your home smell nice, and if you have somewhere in mind to place it that’s safe and out of the way from potential curious hands (or paws).

Reed diffusers are great because they do the job for you, with very little effort required other than the infrequent turning of reeds.

Opt for a room spray if you want something that you can completely control – these are particularly handy for a quick spray just before guests arrive. Or, to mask unwanted odours fast.

Last but definitely not least, fragrance oils are great for emitting smell throughout a long period of time, kind of like a candle but a lot safer. You need to mix a few drops with water and add this to your essential oil diffuser – for a very calming and lovely smelling ambience.

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Keep reading for the hottest 15 fragrances we’ve tried, smelled and loved. From The White Company to Yankee Candle, Rituals plus more, here is our ultimate best home fragrance guide.

What is the best home fragrance?

There’s not really a definite answer when it comes to the best home fragrance. This depends on the time of year, and the type of home fragrance you want. We will say, though, that right now our all-around favourite reed diffuser has to be Rituals’ The Ritual of Sakura Fragrance SticksWitchy’s The Moon Tarot Candle has also impressed us with its scent flooding ability, too. If it’s a room spray you are after, then don’t hesitate when it comes to Air Wick by Botanica’s Fresh Pineapple and Tunisian Rosemary Room Spray.

15 best home fragrance buys for every room in your home

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