Daisy Payne reveals budget-friendly trick for getting rid of slugs in your garden

Daisy Payne has revealed a simple slug repelling tip, and it’s definitely one to try if you’re planning to spruce up your garden for spring. Her method doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals and it’s budget-friendly.

So with Daisy Payne’s easy garden idea we can ward off gardener enemy number one with a clear conscience. Daisy is a gardener and TV personality who regularly shares her gardening advice on ITV’s This Morning.

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Daisy Payne’s slug tip

‘My top tip for getting rid of slugs, or at least keeping them away from your lovely young plants is simple,’ Daisy tells us. ‘Surround your plants with a ring of wool pellets or grit.

‘Put a thick layer all around the base of your plants and the slugs will steer clear! It’s that simple. No need for anything nasty!’

You can pick up wool pellets designed to deter slugs at Amazon or just look out for them in your local garden centre. These pellets are made from recycled wool and they form a mulch as well as creating a slug barrier.

Daisy Payne

Image credit: Daisy Payne

A mulch will help your soil from becoming too dry and can even reduce weed growth. As Daisy mentions, you could try using any horticultural grit you might have hanging around instead.

Grit will go some way in keeping slugs at bay, as will broken up eggshells. If you’re growing plants from seed, it’s definitely worth trying some preventative measures to avoid slugs eating them for dinner.

When we plant up beautiful flowers in our gardens, the last thing we’re thinking of is how one day we might find it’s been eaten up by slugs. But there’s always a balance to strike between aesthetics and wildlife garden ideas that support the insects, birds and other creatures in our gardens.

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Daisy’s tip is kind to the slugs and given that you can pick up wool pellets for no more than £5, it’s a winner. Will you be trying Daisy’s slug repelling tip this spring?

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