Dog wardrobes are the latest storage trend taking off in pup-loving homes

As a nation of pet lovers, we love to pamper our pups. However, the increasing popularity of dog clothing has led to the rise of a household storage solution we never thought we’d see – a ‘dog wardrobe’.

As any responsible pet owner knows, accommodating a dog means stocking up on creature comforts too. The long shopping list includes; a dog bed or crate, collar, lead, food, feeding equipment, chew toys. But, what about a doggy wardrobe storage idea to store fur-friendly fashion accessories too?

The term ‘It’s a dog’s life’ is losing its edge. These days consumers can’t get enough merchandise and accessories to spoil their four-legged friends. From printed pyjamas for Pugs to waxed jackets that keep Weimaraners warm and dry, pet wear is proving extremely popular.

Labrador dog wearing quilted jacket

Image credit: Lords & Labradors

‘Doggy Couture is a rapidly growing trend as the humanisation of pets continues. We’ve found that people tend to dress their dogs like they’d dress their children and even doggy wardrobes are becoming a thing!

Our urban customers tend to choose apparel based on style for example rain macs, hoodies and pyjamas whereas our rural customers opt for more practical performance clothing and matching their ‘human’ brands like Barbour and Schöffel.’ explains Johanna Warden, founder of Lords & Labradors.

Dog wardrobes

With pets owning more threads than the wardrobe department of Vanity Fair or should we say Vanity ‘Fur’? Furniture manufacturers have ‘cottoned on’ to the fact we need somewhere to keep all this canine couture. is now offering pet owners a place to store their piles of pet gear in a custom build doggy wardrobe.

dog on grey sofa with pink cushions

Image credit: Future Plc

As well as a fun way to make use of an awkward space, the pet storage solution for small spaces, allows you to keep everything you need for your dog in one handy place.

Nic Shacklock, from, said ‘We always encourage people to utilise the space in their homes and this is no different. The size of a doggy wardrobe will be relatively small, allowing you to make use of any awkward spaces or gaps that may be in your home.’

To order one of the new doggy wardrobes all owners have to do is measure up the space where you would like to fit the wardrobe using the online guide and send in your measurements.

Dog wardrobe with beagle

Image credit:

A designer will put together a quote along with a visual render (demonstrated above) of what the wardrobe will look like. Once you go ahead, it’ll be manufactured and shipped to you in just four weeks for easy self-assembly.

Unlike standard wardrobes, these made-to-measure doggy wardrobes can fit in whatever space you need – ideal for clever design for alcoves, porch or entrance areas.

From now on the only doggy- wardrobe dilemma you will have is what to wear for tomorrow’s walk. Will it be the ‘hound hoodie’ or ‘bow wow bomber jacket’ – why not let your pampered pooch choose?

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