Find the perfect spot for your sofa with clever ideas from George Clarke and Sofology

Get your sofa placement wrong and the complete scheme and feeling in your living room could fall apart. There’s a whole psychology and science behind the way we experience the environment around us and, from an interior perspective, the rooms we spend time in.

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Our senses, emotions, and expectations all have a bearing on how we feel in spaces. It’s an art and a skill, and interior designers spend years learning how to channel it perfectly through their work. For us, there are simple things you can do when decorating a space – and the first place to start is with the sofa.

Which segways us nicely into the newest launch from Sofology, created in collaboration with architect and television presenter, George Clarke.

Drawing on his talent and experience in architecture, the new ranges – Brantwood and Midland Hill – are an expression of the designs that inspire him and will bring a mix of contemporary and timeless style to any home.

The Midland Hill

The Midland Hill epitomises the era and architecture of one of George’s favourite places: the Midland Hotel in Morecambe, north Lancashire, designed by Oliver Hill.

Capturing the building’s character, you will find subtle touches of the Twenties in the detailing of Midland Hill’s sofas, armchairs and footstools: you’ll see stitching, fabric colours, materials, legs and shape all giving a nod to the decade.

The Brantwood

The other new range, the Brantwood, oozes an understated yet elegant charm that boasts ultimate comfort and snugliness.

Its bold, square silhouette is housed neatly inside a unique, visible timber frame that wraps around the sofa from the arms to the feet, like a giant hug.

Its deep design beckons you to snuggle in and curl up, whilst giving a grand presence in the room. And the vertical fluted finish on its sides, achieved with a clever stitching pattern, softens what might otherwise be a boxy, monolithic appearance.

Get the right sofa placement

Once you’ve chosen the sofa of choice, you need to start thinking about positioning.

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‘Having an amazing sofa is fantastic, but you really need to know what to do with it,’ says George. ‘How you position a sofa in a space can make or break a room. You can put it in the corner, you can centre it on a wall. Even in small spaces, you can sometimes put a sofa away from the wall, just to make it feel like you’ve got something behind it. So you’ve got to get it absolutely right.’

Sofology’s Virtual Placement

To give you the confidence that you are getting the placement right, Sofology has a brilliant virtual tool for your mobile phone. Using its camera, the tool will show the spaces inside your house, so you can virtually position the new sofa.

Visualising how it will look in 3D, you can move it around and really get a sense of the space the sofa will take up. It’s often difficult to appreciate how a piece of furniture will fill the space in a room, so this tool is a must-have when decorating and purchasing a new item.

What you’ll use the room for will also influence the position of furniture. Are you a television lover, where the sofa will benefit from being directly in front of the telly. Are you an avid bookworm that likes to escape with a good story, curled up in an armchair in the corner? Or perhaps you do a lot of social entertaining, which would lend itself to seating in a facing position.

Plus, if your space is multi-purpose, such as performing as a lounge and a work-from-home space, then you can position the armchair or sofa to zone the two separate areas. Lots of comfy cushions and throws will up the comfort factor in the relaxing zone, compared to what might be a spartan desk area.

And, why not use dual-function pieces of furniture, such as the storage footstool in the Brantwood range.

sofology storage footstall

Image credit: Sofology/Dominic Blackmore

Whatever you choose from the collections, you can rest assured that it’ll last. Sofology values itself on helping consumers to find furniture that they’ll love and be happy with for a long time. In fact, every sofa from Sofology comes with a 20-year structural guarantee, leaving you to cherish and enjoy it in your home for years to come.

To find your perfect sofa from the Brantwood and Midland Hill ranges, visit or visit your nearest Sofology store.

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