Get the biggest garden trend of the summer for less with this Aldi specialbuy

Aldi’s vertical planter kit is one of the best ways to hop on the garden trend for living walls and vertical gardens that is already big news this year, and we predict will only grow in popularity over the summer.

If you ever thought your outdoor space wasn’t big enough to be transformed into a verdant paradise, then you might want to rethink your small garden ideas. Vertical pocket gardens are the must-have trend for homes in 2022, proving that any space, a wall especially, can be stuffed full of colour.

Green living garden wall

Image credit: Aldi

Vertical planters come in many forms, from simple grow bags like this £14 version on Amazon, to smart self-watering systems. The latter takes all the hard work out of growing a luscious living wall.

Aldi Medium Vertical Planter

Aldi is currently selling one of these smart vertical planting systems. The Medium Vertical Planter Kit is self-irrigating and made up of 14 triple planters sets. It covers 1m2, and can hold up to 42 1L potted plants.

vertical planters filled with pansies

Image credit: Aldi

It can either be used to install one medium living wall, or broken up into smaller groups. If you’re feeling extra ambitious you can add two kits together to create a large statement design.

The Aldi vertical planter kit from Wonderwall is priced at £99.99, however, it is currently only available to purchase in-store. If you’re keen to get your hands on a similar version online you can also purchase a larger version from Wonderwall on Amazon for £215.

The vertical planter on Amazon might be double the price, but it is also over double the size of the Aldi version, including 32 triple planters. If you’re planning to go big with your living wall ideas this is the one for you. However, if you’re new to gardening it might be better to start smaller.

Aldi vertical planter

Image credit: Aldi

You can grow pretty much anything in a vertical garden if the right conditions and nutrition are in place, even vegetables. Strawberries and herbs are brilliant additions, the RHS website also says cucumbers and aubergines both thrive in vertical planters.

For a minimalist garden scheme, ornamental gardens look stunning and luscious stacked up a wall. However, always check the light and weather conditions on your chosen wall before investing in any new plants.

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