How to clean artificial grass: a step by step guide

Today’s artificial grass is a popular and  convenient option for lawn ideas that offers a very close replica to the real thing. Specialist firms produce artificial grass that does a great job of echoing the shape, colouring and texture of natural green blades. But when it comes to maintenance it’s important to know how to clean artificial grass to keep it in top top condition.

Fake grass makes a practical grass lawn alternative in residential gardens where muddy messes are left by sports-loving children. Or it’s perfect if you have bare patches that sit under shady trees where real grass wont grow.

Daneil Prendergast from the Rug Seller explains: ‘More and more homeowners are turning to artificial grass as a quick fix, allowing them to enjoy the garden all year round.’ Read on to find out how to clean fake grass so that your lawn looks great all year round.

How to clean artificial grass

As the weather warms up and we want to spend time outdoors, you’ll be looking for how to clean fake grass to ensure it looks lush and green next to your decking ideas. According to Lazy Lawn the average lifespan of artificial grass ranges between 7 and 15 years. That’s with with regular cleaning to keep it well maintained.

Obviously you don’t have to mow an artificial lawn (removing this garden chore is a big bonus!),  but that does not mean you don’t have to lift a finger to keep it in mint condition. Follow our guide on how to clean artificial grass to ensure it stays looking healthy and lasts longer.


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1. Brush regularly

A sand infill ensures the artificial blades stand up in an upright position. Brushing artificial grass to re-distribute the infill will brush up fibres restoring them to an upright position.

Garden and driveways company Marshalls recommend brushing an artificial laid lawn with a stiff artificial bristle broom or specialist artificial grass grooming rake. Doing this will keep the infill level and make sure it’s doing its job. Under no circumstances should you use metal or wire bristles as these can damage the grass fibres.

2. Wash with a hose

Spraying down an artificial lawn will remove dust, dirt, pollen and other airborne pollutants.

For a heavy soiled surface, Neograss, suggests using a 5 percent solution of household detergent in hot water, applied with a sponge mop to heavily affected areas and then rinsed with a garden hose. A jet washer is not recommend for use on artificial lawns with infill it will blow away the sand that sits between the blades of fake grass.

3. Remove leaves and weeds


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During autumn, leaves and twigs will blow on an artificial lawn which could encourage weed growth. Remove the debris regularly with the stiff broom, grass rake or a leaf blower. Again, under no circumstances use metal.

If the artificial grass has been installed correctly weeds will not grow through. However, airborne seeds may nestle within fibres and grow on the surface especially around edges of the grass membrane.

Because any weeds that germinate will be on the surface level of the lawn, they can be easily removed by hand.

Moss is another common fake grass pitfall which can be avoided by applying a water-based weed killer with a sprinkler-headed watering can twice a year.

4. Clean up food spills immediately

BBQ sauce, coffee and wine spills on artificial grass are an easy cleaning job  Blot spilt liquids with a paper towel. Clean the fibres as you would a carpet, using a mix of detergent and water. Cleaning up food spills as soon as they occur can help to reduce the threat of staining. You can remove any stains left ingrained with a toothbrush.

How to clean up pet mess from artificial grass


Image credit: Lazylawn

Follow these easy steps to clear up after your dog:

  1. First remove and dispose of any hardened faeces.
  2. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and mix with a teaspoon of washing up liquid.
  3. Rinse the affected area straight away to clean the stain.
  4. Hose the area down further with water hose to remove remaining odours and wash away the detergent.

Sophie Hinchliffe AKA Mrs Hinch, uses Freshly Mowed Lawn Fabulosa artificial lawn disinfectant and deodoriser to kill bacteria and eliminate odours from her artificial grass lawn.

How to clear snow and ice from fake grass

To remove a light dusting of snow from an artificial lawn sweep with a brush or rake to a corner and remove with a plastic shovel.

To remove inches of snow, remove the top layer with a plastic shovel. Leave behind approximately one inch and remove as above.

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