How To Prepare A House For A Photography Session

How To Prepare A House For A Photography Session

Whether you are starting in the real estate industry or are an expert in the field, knowing how to best prepare your client’s home for a photography session is something you must keep in mind at all times. A good home prep is part of an exceptional photo session. So here is exactly where we meet in the middle as a team to create marvelous results. 

In this blog, we will guide you on how to perfectly prepare your house for an outstanding photography session. Just like a model needs preparation, so does every home. At Sharp Frame Media, we make sure to guide our clients on how to best prepare their homes because we care for them and that they accomplish their goals. We know that quality photography can help sell a home faster and for more. You can check out some examples of what a perfect home prep looks like. 

Once your home is all set, go ahead and immediately book online your next photo session with your most trusted real estate photography company. We know that no matter how much you try to make your lawn look perfect, it can be affected by the different seasons of the year. Perhaps you had not considered the day of the shoot would be cloudy and that is completely out of your hands. No need to worry, we got your back. All of our photography packages include free blue skies, and we offer green grass replacement as part of our special add-on services


  • Remove all vehicles from the driveway and front of the property along with any items that stand out.
  • Have the lawn mowed, leaves raked and bushes trimmed.
  • Make sure all garbage cans, water hoses, garden tools, and supplies are put away. 
  • Vacuum/clean the pool and pool area if applicable.

  • Declutter the house and put away toys, clothing, dishes, pet beds, toys, and food bowls.
  • Remove personal items such as photos. We suggest replacing family portraits with neutral art.
  • Turn on all lights and turn off all fans. Replace missing light bulbs and make sure they all match in color temperature. If possible, conceal all cords.
  • Keep countertops in the kitchen as clean and clear as possible. Make sure the sink is empty and all dishes are put away.
  • Remove any notes or magnets from the fridge.
  • Open all shades/blinds. Make the beds and neatly arrange all pillows. Straighten stools and chairs.
  • Remove toothbrushes and shampoo bottles from the bathroom. Clear countertops, replace a full roll of toilet paper, and hang fresh towels.
  • Put all toilet seats and lids down. Hide trash cans and cleaning brush.
  • Clean windows, and mirrors and make sure they are left with no streaks.
  • Make sure all pets are caged or away during the photo shoot.

Last and most important, always make sure to stop by your listing before the photography session to make sure everything is photo-ready. Unfortunately, your photography team is not a cleaning crew so it is extremely important that the home is completely ready to go when the photographer arrives to achieve the best results. 

So, now you know how to perfectly prepare your property for your next photo session. Furthermore, we know preparing your client’s home is not only essential for photography sessions but also for an open house or viewing that will captivate great prospects. In addition, you might also

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