Instagram is obsessed with this £6 Primark yellow vase

As soon as we caught sight of Primark’s yellow vase on Instagram we knew we’d have to be quick if we wanted to snap one up. In a matter of minutes, the number of likes and comments exploded with shoppers keen to get their hands on the latest highlight Primark’s spring/summer homeware collection.

The social media obsession with Primark’s yellow glass vase is unsurprising. The dappled vase hits two key home decor trends – coloured glass and yellow – all for the extremely affordable price of £6. Yellow has taken over as the colour trend of the moment for 2022, if you don’t believe us then just take a look at the iconic Sketch London. In the last week, it has swapped it’s Instagram-favourite pink living room for trending yellow, cementing it as the colour to know about.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this £6 vase was from a high-end designer. In fact, that’s exactly what we thought when it first popped up in our Instagram feed. The dappled design gives it a tortoiseshell effect, but with a sunnier twist. It is a voluptuous oval with a narrow neck, making it perfect for displaying a bouquet of tulips.

When a picture of the vase appeared on Primark’s Instagram last week it quickly clocked up 4,984 likes and plenty of comments from shoppers swooning over the new vase.

‘I’ve got this vase, it’s so gorgeous 😍xx,’ commented one shopper who had already picked one up.

yellow primark vase

Image: Primark

One fan revealed she’d actually picked up two she loved the design so much – and for £6 a vase, why not? Another tagged her friend asking her to buy it for her ‘if you see this can you get it please xxx it’s just gorgeous xxx.’

The vase is a lovely contemporary counterpart to Primark’s latest cottagecore inspired collection which is filled with lovely gingham edged placemats and floral patterned tableware. We’d style the vase with the yellow placemats on a worn wooden table for a bright and colour-drenched kitchen idea.

As with all Primark’s homeware, you’ll have to check your local store to see if they have it in stock. However, in the last year, Primark has expanded its homeware offering with a dedicated Primark Home department opening in the Merryhill store.

If you need us we’ll be at Primark.

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