Photography News: New Rumored Lenses, Nikon Z8 Strap Issue

When a wedding photographer comes home without a single photo on his memory card, it’s a bit of a tragedy. When the same thing happened to me today, I grabbed a coffee and a cookie and sat down at my computer to share it with you. Just imagine. You get up at 5:30 to catch the nice morning light. Then you spend three hours hypnotizing an empty branch while waiting for a kingfisher. You already know every detail of the branch. You know intimately the spider that weaves its web and the unfortunate mosquitoes that get caught in it. And the kingfisher? Whistling from somewhere far away. When your back and butt are sore, you can’t stand it anymore, so you pack your camera and leave the hide. That’s when the whistle comes and the kingfisher finally perches on the branch. Just like that, a few meters away from you. This is how the kingfisher said goodbye to me, and this is how I say hello to you, while you are reading this week’s Photography News.