Say goodbye to cold showers and costly energy bills with this cutting edge heating system

Ever jumped into the shower only to be met with an icy blast and immediately leap back out?

That’s where the new Navien NCB700, with its built-in recirculation pump — the first boiler in the UK to have this handy tech — can help cut down those pre-shower waiting times by delivering powerful hot water, quickly and efficiently to up to three bathrooms simultaneously. All while slashing your monthly energy bills and earning you some all-important eco-friendly brownie points.

Reducing water waste and saving money

The game-changing recirculating pump works by ensuring that hot water is always available as close to the point of consumption, like your taps, as possible.

This not only means that the hot water you need is ready as soon as you need it while providing the sort of hotel-level warmth you’d expect from a luxury spa, but also the added efficiency will cut down any water wastage and save you on energy bills.

Utility room with navien boiler

Image credit: Navien

Easy to install and use

Sounds good right? However, getting everything up and running is usually where things get complicated. But it doesn’t have to be, and with NCB700 gas boilers able to be retrofitted into any property without incurring any expensive plumbing changes, Navien has taken a huge amount of stress out of what can be a trying process. Plus, the NCB700 is perfect for an extension, as it can still simultaneously deliver hot water for up to three bathrooms, without the need to install a cumbersome cylinder.

Once installed, you’ll also be met with a high-tech digital display panel that allows you to easily check the boiler’s current state, without the need for an installer or engineer. Back in the office on the regular? You can also check it via a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Should a ‘low water pressure error’ occur, the NCB700 comes with a NaviFill keyless filling system, so only one lever needs to be lifted to get things back up and running. Easy peasy.

And as time goes on, the unit will ingeniously learn and adapt to your hot water usage patterns, allowing it to intelligently recognise when to preheat and provide lashings of hot water when you need it. That’s all to say, you’ll never have to stress about your boiler ever again.

Navien bolier

Image credit: Navien

Building for the future

Extra plus points come from the fact that there’s no need for a cumbersome water storage tank with this new boiler, creating even more valuable space in your home — just think of the endless interior design possibilities.

And finally, in designing the NCB700, Navien is fully supporting the UK government’s long-term Net Zero Strategy by making the system able to run on a mixture of 20 per cent hydrogen and 80 per cent natural gas, without the need for any modification. It’s a boiler built for the future, ready to make a huge difference to your day-to-day right now.

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