Sharp Frame Media Hosts Its First-Ever Client Appreciation Event

Sharp Frame Media Hosts Its First-Ever Client Appreciation Event

For all small businesses, building close relationships with clients is essential for achieving success. Showing your appreciation for those clients is a great way to build loyalty, trust, and a long time partnership. At Sharp Frame Media we are very grateful for and value every single one of our clients. 

We understand it can be difficult to choose the best photographer for your business. So it means so much to us when a Realtor or business decides to partner with us and continue to choose us over and over again. Not only do we appreciate their partnership, but we feel highly encouraged to continue excelling at our craft and elevating our customer service to offer them a more updated version of Sharp Frame Media each time they book with us.

SFM’s First-Ever Client Appreciation Event 2022

We feel very grateful for every single one of our partners and as a way to show our appreciation, last month, we hosted our first-ever client appreciation event in DFW: “Jingle and Mingle: Mini Photo Session”.  A four-hour event at a Studio located in Dallas completely dedicated to our clients and their loved ones. 

All of our clients were invited along with their families for a free Christmas and/or personal photo session. Among the clients that joined us were Realtors, a Design and Remodeling Company, Home Builders, Designers, Short Term Rental Business Owners and others!

We mixed and mingled joyfully with them as we offered delicious appetizers, mimosas, and other gifts. It was a true joy getting to know them at a more personal level. 

Everyone had such a fun time posing and expressing love to its fullest to be captured in an image. “Move here… move there… hold on to this… nah, let’s change it… more light… less light… tilt left… tilt right…etc…” was all part of the excitement. 

We look forward to creating more memorable events with our clients. No matter if they are a first-time client or have been with us for years, we value every single one of them. Taking care of our clients and helping them achieve their highest success is our number one priority. 

Next year, we look forward to expanding this joy with our dearest Sharp Frame Media clients located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, in addition to Dallas-Fort Worth.

In Summary

Finally, we feel so blessed to have a thriving business thanks to every single one of our business partners. Without them, our business would not be as successful. One of our primary values is partnerships, and as a result, we’re passionate about helping realtors take their businesses to the next level. We celebrate and encourage not only their success in their business but also care for them as individuals and their families. 

We are looking forward to creating more memories together. So, if you are considering creating a partnership with us, know that you will become a family to us.  


Towards the end of the event, we accidentally got locked out of the studio while carrying things back to the car. Everything was out of the studio except our wallets and phones, so you can imagine our faces. Thankfully one of us did have her phone with her so managed to seek help. Fortunately, we were done with all the shoots by then. At first, we couldn’t get a hold of the host so we were sweating but we finally were able to solve the problem. Phew… 

Sharp Frame Media is a top real estate media company located in the DFW area, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. Our priority is to satisfy our clients 100%. 

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