The SECRET WEAPON for Unique Photos Indoors & Out (VIDEO)

We’re all looking for  creative edge to help us capture photos in the camera that stand out from the crowd. Today’s tutorial from the In Your Fayes YouTube channel provides a fun hack using a simple “accessory” we’re sure you have at home.

Instructor Faye is a Dutch photographer known for eye-catching portraits. In this episode she demonstrates how to use a simple mirror to create images with interesting reflections. If portraiture isn’t your thing, this technique can easily be adapted for other purposes like macro, product imagery, and more.

Faye says she frequently uses a mirror in her work because “it offers endless possibilities” that change the look of an image simply by rotating the reflective surface. You can place the mirror on a table, above or below your subject, and off to either side. As she notes, experimentation is the key.

While Faye is in the studio for this shoot, with her model illuminated by light streaming through a window, it’s easy to do this wherever you’re shooting with natural light indoors or out.

As a bonus, portrait photographers will pick up some great tips on posing and directing a model while watching this nine-minute lesson. You’ll also see how to manipulate a mirror for interesting compositions for all sorts of subjects while paying attention to the direction of ambient light as it reflects off the surface.

Faye prefers to take a subtle approach without making the mirror too prominent in the frame—using it to “add an interesting touch” while often filling in shadows and adding a twinkle in her subject’s eyes. Faye’s beautiful demonstration images contain captions with all the relevant technical information, so you’ll know exactly how she captured the shots.

The bottom line is that you’re only limited by your imagination when using this method. As you’ll see, interesting vertical photos are part of the game when you stand the mirror up next to one side of a subject or object.

Faye gets even more creative by adding a hand-held light tube to throw a bit of color and dimension into several images for a really nice effect. Another interesting approach it to have the model hold the mirror with her arms or body wrapped around the reflective surface. Adding brief text on the mirror is also a way to grab attention and tell a story with your photos.

Faye’s YouTube channel has numerous other lessons with simple tips and tricks, so be sure to pay a visit after watching this video.

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