During my time running a real estate media business I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents and have photographed or filmed hundreds more. Recently, I was reading the latest Texas Realtor profile and was surprised that the median income for a Texas Realtor is $35K. I was surprised because I work with such successful agents. So I started to think what was it that made the agents I work with so successful. Here are the TOP 5 qualities I see in highly successful agents.

  1. Ownership: The best agents I have worked with all take complete ownership of selling their clients home. From providing assessments on repairs & improvements, staging consultations to recommending contractors. Successful agents don’t just provide a listing price and put a home on the MLS. They know in order to have a home sell for the highest price and in the shortest period of time they need to assist the owner, even if that means supervising a contractor when they are on vacation.
  2. Attention To Details: Nowadays most home owners can look online and find a home prep checklist and with some effort get their home to look presentable to potential home buyers. However, the best agents pay attention to the finest details and make sure a home is in the highest state of readiness to have people walk thru. This means not just cleaning, mowing the lawn or decluttering. It means having all the light bulbs the same color, staging key areas, freshening the air and more. The details matter.
  3. Use Professional Photos-All The Time:
    • So maybe I am a little biased here but it does make a huge difference. 93% of home shoppers view homes online and nothing will turn them off quicker than bad photos. The best agents use a professional photographer on all their listings regardless of condition or price point. Because they know that not only are those photos representing their client’s home but also their brand online.
    • (Bonus) They are always present at every photo shoot. They will not leave anything to chance and partner with the photographer to make sure each shot is perfect. That means explaining key features to the photographer and checking the home for readiness.
  4. Responsive: Selling a home is a big event in a person’s life and also stressful. To help put the home seller at ease they keep the client informed throughout the entire process and constantly stay in touch.
  5. Use Multi-Channel Marketing: The very successful agents leverage multiple channels to market their clients home. They not only do the basics of listing on the MLS and put a sign out front. They promote their listing using social media, broker opens, email marketing and more. They know that to be successful they need to get the maximum amount of people to view their listing.

So there you have it, the top 5 qualities of highly effective Realtors. I hope this helps new Realtors and also home sellers.

Jaime is a former Green Beret and is now the owner of Sharp Frame Media a Dallas-Fort Worth based real estate media business.

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