Aerial Photography: Is it Right for You?

Aerial Photography: Is it Right for You?

Sharp Frame Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth

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Finding ways to make your property stand out in the market can be a challenge. An excellent place to start is by asking yourself what are the absolute best features of your listing. Your favorite aspects do not have to be confined to just the property itself, either. Where your property is located and your surrounding environment are critical aspects that can help buyers decide on whether they want your property or not. Do you have a swimming pool? Are you close to a great school? Do you have stellar landscaping? If you answered yes to any of these questions, that’s great because your property has unique vital features that will draw buyers in.

So, the next question is, how do you highlight these assets of your property. Sharp Frame Media has a solution for you! Aerial photography has become increasingly popular within the real estate industry. Since drones have become more prevalent in photography and videography, many people are starting to use this modern technology to create a new perspective on a property that traditional photography could not achieve. Read more on aerial photography in real estate and how it may be helpful for you!

What is aerial photography?


 Aerial photography for residential real estate is primarily taken using a drone. Drone photography has gained popularity in the real estate industry for the past few years. At Sharp Frame Media, we like to keep up with the rising trends in the industry and provide that service for our clients. That is why plenty of our aerial images use the DJI Mavic Air 2S drone. The drone is a smaller and more compact version of its predecessor but does not compromise the quality of the photos. 

 Using drones in real estate photography allows our photographers to get unique angles they would not get with traditional cameras. From low elevated shots to bigger aerial shots, drone photography can show different aspects and angles of property without compromising the quality of an image. From drones for photography to entire videos, drones are quickly becoming a must-have in the real estate industry.

   Sharp Frame Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth

Benefits of aerial photography:

Sharp Frame Media encourages clients with large estates or properties that highlight the surrounding community just as much as the home itself. Aerial photography using a drone means that the height of the drone and the high-resolution images impress potential clients and add a unique perspective to the house.

The main benefit of aerial photography is that it captures critical features such as a large property, a nice neighborhood, beautiful landscaping, a great swimming pool, and more! Aerial photography highlights the unique features that can make a property stand out to potential buyers and make a lasting impression. 

Is aerial photography right for you?

Are you interested in aerial photography for your property but not sure if it is not suitable for you? Don’t worry because Sharp Frame is here to help you make that decision. However, it is essential to note that not every property needs aerial real estate photography. The great thing about aerial photography is that it can benefit residential and commercial properties. Aerial photography highlights key features already there and allows potential buyers to view the property from a different perspective. If the property’s value lies more in the house or building, then aerial photography may not be the best choice for you.

The key takeaway is that as long as you have certain key features like a large lot size, good location, or any other pleasing amenities, aerial real estate photography would be a great addition.

    Finding the right real estate photography company for you is a significant decision and will help determine the success of selling your property. At Sharp Frames Media, we offer aerial photography to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as part of our additional servicesSharp Frame Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth

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